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We can't do everything ourselves, so instead we've found some of our favorite people to recommend.

Our Favorite Humans

Lensventure Studios Team


Digitella co

Ella Deane is a copywriter for brand design studios and solopreneurs. She transforms businesses by providing clear support and copywritng services for designers who feel lost, confused, and overwhelmed.

Why we Love Them

Ella joined our team in 2020 as a virtual assistant/copywriter, and ever since then, we've been obsessed with her services! She's an incredible problem solver and puts her creativity to work with copywriting that complements the brands she collaborates with. Our studio wouldn't be the same without her!

Alyssa Carvalho, ACEND Communications

Photography / Graphic Design

Acend Visual Communications

Alyssa from ACEND Visual Communications is an expressive photographer, heartfelt creative, and community advocate. She creates compelling photography with a community focus here on Kauai.

Why we Love Them

Alyssa's work is stunning. With every photo she creates, she captures the raw emotion in a way that commands attention and tells a story. She's worked with the studio on our latest photoshoot, and we have some exciting collaborations coming soon!

Courtney Miller, Miller Digital

Social Media + Content Coaching

Miller Digital

Courtney Miller teaches service-based entrepreneurs social media and content marketing strategies to grow their businesses online.

Why we Love Them

Courtney makes content marketing simple and easy for service-based businesses. She's creative and fun to work with. Download her free 30-day content planner using the link below.

Lensventure Studios Team


Lensventure Studios

Katie and Jeremy at Lensventure Studios offer portrait and real estate photos, helping their clients create authentic and stunning visual representations of their brand or property.

Why we Love Them

Katie has been handling our brand photos for years! She and Jeremy are so incredibly fun to work with, and their eye for detail is unmatched. And we can't get over their stunning drone photography. Katie also provides copywriting and research services here at the studio!

Business & Design Software

Here at the studio, we're always searching for tools to help us do better work.
Full disclosure: we are affiliate members of all the services below, which means we make commissions on any referrals.
But we promise, we only recommend the tools that we love to use ourselves.

Dubsado Preview


Dubsado is one of our all-time favorite business tools! It's a CRM and automation platform that allows you to create canned emails, custom forms, dynamic invoices and proposals, and more. If you're searching for a way to automate your client onboarding, offboarding, and communication, Dubsado is going to become your new best friend.

Flodesk Preview


I never wanted to pay for email marketing. It's one of those things that I figured I'd invest in if I ever found an email platform that was worth it. Now, after trying Flodesk, I'm happy to pay for email marketing! Flodesk is without a doubt the most beautiful and easy-to-use email platform I've ever seen. It allows you to create stunning emails in a fraction of the time.

Moyo Studio Mockup Preview

Moyo Studio

Moyo Studio offers some of the most beautiful and carefully crafted mockup images in the industry. All of their photography has a crisp minimalist style, and their mockup files make it incredibly easy to share your designs. We use Moyo's images in nearly all of our mockups at the studio.

Catch Logo


Catch is a freelancer's or independent contractor's best friend! They help you set aside for taxes automatically while also offering retirement accounts (IRAs) and health insurance! They even help you set aside funds for vacations or just paid time off. We can't recommend them enough!

AppSumo Logo


AppSumo is a marketplace for all the newest software for small businesses and startups. They have deals on everything from CRMs to WordPress Themes to stock photo deals and more! Plus, they even have a library of free resources to help your small business succeed.

AppSumo Logo


Sitejet is the only website builder of its kind. It allows you to create both templated and fully-custom websites using the visual editor, while also allowing you direct access to the code for each piece of your site. That means you can completely customize every element to match yours or your client's brand! Plus, there's no need for third-party plugins, themes, or the additional maintenance they require.

AppSumo Logo


ClickUp has swept me off my feet after I thought I had pledged my life to Asana. While Asana is great for simple project management and quick solutions, ClickUp is my go-to for more robust features (I can't live without my custom fields). With options for mind-maps, Docs, chats, and goal tracking, you can track projects in whatever way "clicks" best with you! Our team can collaborate, chat, comment, and even automate tasks all within ClickUp.

AppSumo Logo


Elfsight offers dozens of widgets to add to your website designs and expand the functionality of your sites. I've tried so many other services to integrate my clients' Instagram and other social media accounts, but Elfsight's reliable functionality and minimalist design make it my favorite service to use in building out my clients' websites.

AppSumo Logo

logo package express

This is the one tool I'd recommend to every designer I know. If you've ever sat at your desk for over an hour just exporting different variations of a logo design for your clients, The Logo Package is going to change your life. It automatically exports all of the logo variations you need in under 5 minutes. And it puts them in a file system that's organized enough for your clients to use! If you're looking for an easy way to cut down on production time, this is the best solution I've seen.

AppSumo Logo

happy scribe

If you're like me, and you want to add captions to your tutorials or IGTV videos but you hate listening to your voice repeat itself over and over while you type, then transcription software like Happy Scribe is going to quickly become your best friend. Their AI technology does a great job at deciphering what you're saying in your video or audio files, and it only takes a few minutes to process before you can download an automatically-captioned file to use.

AppSumo Logo

the contract shop

I waited much longer than I like to admit to invest in a professional contract for each of my services. The Contract Shop is without a doubt the easiest legal experience I've ever had. They offer contracts for nearly every type of service-based business, as well as nondisclosure agreements, privacy policies, and more. If you want to sleep easy at night knowing you have a solid contract protecting you from the occasional legal kerfuffle, The Contract Shop has your back.

Custom Printing

We get asked a lot about what printing companies we recommend.
Here are a few of our favorites! If you want our help to create custom print designs with any of these vendors, send us an email.

Moo Products


As Moo Business Partners, we love showing off our clients' new brand design with custom business cards that not only look like the brand, but feel solid and professional too! We've even had clients tell us that their customers always mention how nice their business cards look. All of Moo's cards are built with incredible quality and consistency, and they offer a variety of options to help us build the perfect custom cards to meet our clients' visions. To order a set for your self, send us an email!

Noissue Logo


For clients looking for custom branded packaging options, we love recommending Noissue! Not only are their products beautiful, good-quality, and on-brand; they're all environmentally-friendly too! Noissue utilizes soy-based inks, recycled plastics, and compostable materials to create custom packaging that looks great and aligns with our values. Plus, for every order, Noissue plants a tree (they've planted over 15,000 so far)! For your own custom packaging, send us an email.

Sign and Print Machine Kauai Logo

The Sign & Print Machine, Kauai

For our clients based on Kauai, we love recommending the Sign & Print Machine. Keven, the owner, is always professional and works with our clients to create custom signage, stickers, decals, vehicle wraps, and more that help to elevate their brand. The Sign & Print Machine has been serving Kauai since 1997, and we're looking forward to more years of collaboration with them!

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