Hi, I'm Shaina

Shaina Nacion Branding Photo

What I do

Hi, I’m Shaina!


The way I describe it, my job is like Queer Eye for visionary businesses who aren’t yet comfortable in their own skin. I do more than just make logos and color palettes — I redesign their brand to reflect their values, and I teach them how to stay true to their brand identity. 


I work with clients who aren’t just about making and selling a product. Their goal is bigger; they want to create a business that stands for their values and connects with their customers. 


My job is to listen to the story of your business, then use my skills to craft something amazing that fits your identity perfectly. 


The process is fun, but for me the reward is in being the catalyst for the pride, courage, and growth I see in entrepreneurs who are brave enough to dive in and define their business. 


So yes, I give my clients brand makeovers. But more importantly, I give them the confidence and clarity to make their business reflect their vision.

Who I am

As someone who doesn’t exactly “fit the mold”, I know what it’s like to be bold & create an identity that reflects who you are. 


I’m 5’3, half-Filipino, half-Caucasian, an INTP, and a tomboyish introvert from an extroverted family. So I’m a big fan of being true to yourself and practicing self-care (like nurturing my intuition & setting introvert boundaries). 

When I’m not working or endlessly browsing Pinterest, I spend my time drawing, hiking, or listening to true crime podcasts. 


I also love helping friends find life hacks that work for them. Some of my favorite productivity resources are Dubsado, Happy Planner, iPad Pro, and Pilot Maica pens from Japan. Seriously, those pens are amazing.


And while I love what I do now, my big life goals are to always make time for yoga and travel, to master the art of meal prep, and to one day decide on a tattoo I actually want for the rest of my life.

Shaina Nacion Branding Photo
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