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shaina nacion

About Me

I work with passionate business owners and creatives throughout the country to design visual brands and graphics that are as authentic as they are!

If you're like me, your business is about more than just a product or service; it's about connecting with your customers and changing the world for the better. With branding, websites, and designs tailored to your unique vision, we can work together to attract your dream customers and grow your business so you can focus on living the life you want!

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Shaina is fresh, creative and spunky! She did some amazing work for me that my customers REALLY enjoy! Her rates are reasonable and she is easy to work with!

Glen Kojima

I love the brand board that Shaina Mychal Nacion created for me. I use it every time I do something for my company and it helps keep me on track and makes my brand much more consistent, clean and recognizable to customers. She is super friendly and has unmatched creativity and charm. Don't forget to ask about her spirit animal, Derpy Dinosaur!!

Katie Jones

Shaina came up with clear and concise graphics to illustrate technical info for non-technical visitors to our website. That is not an easy task. . . . She also designed the custom logo and bumper stickers to promote the website.

David Lee

Branding with


Have you ever felt at a loss when someone asks what you do? How about when they ask why they should choose you over the competition? When you’re backed by a strong and strategic brand, you have the tools to share your vision with confidence.

Branding with


When you have a following of customers who love your product and are loyal to your brand, you’ll spend less time and money trying to appeal to them. Creating a brand that speaks to your favorite customers and aligns with their values gives your business the prestige and personality that customers will naturally gravitate toward.

Branding with


As entrepreneurs, too often we’re spreading ourselves thin trying to do “all the things.” Crafting a brand personality means you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you create a new marketing piece. Think of your brand strategy as your dresser: just pick the right outfit for what you need, and get back to work on the things that matter most.

the design process

My goal is to become part of your team, and to help guide you toward a cohesive personality for your business. I dive into learning the ins and outs of your company before ever putting pen to paper, so that when we create a logo or other brand asset, that design is informed by a deep knowledge of your business. At every step along the way, I work with you to craft your vision and ensure you get something you’re happy with.

I. Discover

Every design project starts with research, brainstorming, and collaboration. I’ll ask a lot of questions to familiarize myself with where your business is now, and what you want it to become. We’ll shape your brand personality, and get a clear picture of what makes your business stand out among your competitors.

II. Craft

Once we have a clear strategy and personality for your brand, I’ll begin to craft the visual assets to represent that brand. I’ll start by sketching a few design variations so we can decide on the most effective path to take. Then I’ll hunker down and build each deliverable from the ground up.

III. Refine

Now that we have our brand assets, we’ll look over everything together. We’ll review our goals for the project, critique all of the designs and make sure they’re accomplishing those goals effectively. I’ll make any adjustments so we can stay true to your vision, and then finalize the designs! You’ll receive all your files, and any website projects will go live.