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Branding with strategy, purpose, and heart.

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Your brand is more than just a business.

Imagine showing up to a business that feels more like purpose than work.
One that stands for what's important to you and empowers you to make a difference in people's lives.
Imagine going to work in your pajamas or spending your weekend with your kids instead of worrying about deadlines or emails.

This is what an authentic and strategic brand can help you build.

Chanterelle Couture

The Cliffs at Princeville

Aloha Ginger Beer

360 VR Hawaii

Center Point Photography

"We had tons of collateral that looked and felt disorganized . . . Shaina sat down and built us a cohesive brand identity from the ground up. Now our board members love the new design and we have collateral we can be proud to share with our guests!"

— Jim Braman, The Cliffs at Princeville

"I'm very grateful for Shaina's intuitive design sense and ability to interpret my needs! Also super impressed by how organized the design processed flowed . . . .  She's an incredible designer and business woman!"

— tiffany tomkinson, center point photography

Design for creatives, innovators, and ambitious small businesses

Behind every business is an entrepreneur or a team of human beings just like you and I. Entrepreneurs who have their own vision, struggles, and a unique story to tell.
Tell your story with a custom brand identity or website design. Or book a consultation to get started on an actionable plan for building your brand.

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brand design

Intertwine everything you love about your business into a single powerful message.    

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Build an online home for your brand that customers will recognize and trust.

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Let’s discover the heart behind your business and turn it into the core of your brand.

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Hi, I'm Shaina

I love working with small businesses who are as passionate about their work as I am about mine. My goal is to help give them the confidence to share their vision and connect with their customers in an impactful way.

"Do whatever you can't not do."

— David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas