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Custom Project

NYC Open and Online

Their Story

This project arrived at our door in the usual way: a friend of a friend needed some help with design work.

New York’s Queens Chamber of Commerce was in the process of putting together a team of brand and web designers to help support small businesses in New York City. The project involved three brand consultants, multiple web designers, and countless project managers and directors working together to deliver collateral for hundreds of small businesses.

With the Covid-19 pandemic putting pressure on small businesses to stay open while simultaneously provoking many to start new businesses and work for themselves, we knew we had our work cut out for us if we wanted to empower the community.

NYC Open and Online

The Challenge

As brand consultants for the project, we were responsible for collaborating with small businesses to develop simple custom logo packages for their brands. The challenge, however, was that each logo package would need to be completed in approximately one week. As a small studio with only one full-time designer, this put us into constant “hustle mode” from the end of March to the beginning of July 2022.

The Transformation

In total, this project allowed us to work with 43 different small businesses across multiple industries to develop a professional logo, colors, and fonts for their brand. We loved working with such different businesses: from burrito bars to beauty salons and even the occasional real estate developer. All of this allowed us to experiment creatively and to work in styles outside of our normal range.

Ultimately, we love the work we did through this project and we are so thankful to have found new relationships with small businesses thousands of miles away.

NYC Open and Online
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