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What to Expect

About Design Day Services at Shaina nacion Design Studio.

Professional Design without the wait

You have better things to do than wait for custom design work.

We've scrapped the concept of hourly design work, unexpected time delays, unreliable budget estimates, and endless back-and-forth emailing. Instead, you get professional design work and support delivered within 48 hours so you can get back to the important stuff.

The first steps

What to expect before your design day.

01 Prep work

The key to any design day is organized prep work. This is where we'll collect any print specs or templates, brand elements, photos, or other things we'll need in order to complete the project.

We'll also collect any verbiage from you and any login details if you've hired us for any tech support.

02 Initial concepts

Depending on the project, we may send some initial concepts for you to review before we get started. That way we know we've got the aesthetic right before we dive in deep.

Your design day

What to expect during your design day.

What we do

During your design day, we'll be doing heads-down work to get your project completed. We'll work with all the elements you provided during our prep work so we can get the most work done as quickly as possible.

FYI: Sometimes we'll actually get a head start on your project and begin work the night before if we're in a "night owl" kind of mood.

What you do

All you have to do during your design day is show up for the live video review sessions! That way you can make sure we're on the right track and give us any feedback on the work we've done.

If you've hired us for a half-day project, we'll schedule one live review session at the end of the day. If you've hired us for a full day, then you'll have one live review in the middle of the project and one at the end.

"Shaina is amazing! Efficient, professional, and with an eye for aesthetic! We went over my ideal customer and my goals within the business and life in general. I described the vibe I wanted for my packaging and she delivered!! She followed me through the printing process, which I really appreciated. Familiarizing me with different print materials. Loved working with her and I will definitely be coming back for future projects. Thank you so much! "

— Lindsay Chun,
Veda Vegan

The final delivery

What to expect after your design day.

01 revisions

Hooray! Your design day is done!

This is when we'll deliver all your design elements for any final revisions you have. You'll have three available rounds of revisions, although most clients don't need more than one.

Just email us with any last changes you have, and we'll adjust your designs.

02 File Delivery & Printing

Finally, we'll send over all the final files and other designs we've created during your design day.

And as a bonus, we offer to work with any printer you've chosen to make sure the files are delivered to them in the formats they need (because we get it, understanding print jargon can seem impossible).

Let's get started

We can't wait to get started on your next project!