Aloha Ginger Beer

signature brand identity & website package

The Story

Local craft brewery Aloha Ginger Beer was my first Signature Brand Identity client. Experienced in organic farming before relocating to Hawaii, the owners wanted a cohesive brand package and website to accompany the launch of their new ginger beer company. They had fallen in love with the local community and wanted to give back by sourcing as many ingredients locally as they could, and highlighting the role of Kauai’s botanical products in their flavors.

Their brand identity features a mix of organic texture and font with a crisp feeling and references to vintage Hawaii.

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Aloha Ginger Beer Preview

"We really enjoyed getting to work with you and the quality of your work. . . . After [the Pinterest board] assignment we felt like the process moved along a lot smoother and it allowed us to better communicate our vision. Overall, a great experience and will definitely recommend your services to others. Thank you!"

— casey paul, aloha ginger beer