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Our services

Here is a list of services and prices that you can share with potential clients or connections. Please do not send them a direct link to this page; you can copy and paste the appropriate information or send them to

Brand Strategy Package

Our two hour brand strategy workshop is like talk therapy for your business. We help identify and outline your brand messaging, target audience, and positioning so you can share your brand's unique story.

Investment: $3,000 USD

Payment plans available.

Brand Design Package

Our brand identity design package includes brand strategy and everything you need to create a cohesive visual presence for your business. That means everything from logos and submarks to custom patterns and business cards.

Investment: $5,000 USD

Payment plans available.

Custom Website Design Package

We specialize in custom website designs that are uniquely built for your brand and goals. Our sites are built with sales strategy and market research in mind so you can be sure your site is working for your goals. We also provide both SEO-friendly copywriting and analytics reports so you can have full control of how your brand is represented online.

With every website package we also include a hosting and maintenance subscription so you never have to troubleshoot your site yourself.

Investment: $7,000 USD + $120/year hosting & maintenance subscription

Payment plans available.

Website-in-a-Week Package

If you want a low-maintenance and on-brand website solution but don't need the full custom design experience, our template websites may be a better fit. You'll get all the sales strategy and design without the long wait times or higher investment.

With every website package we also include a hosting and maintenance subscription so you never have to troubleshoot your site yourself.

Investment: $2,500 USD + $120/year hosting & maintenance subscription

Optional Add-On: $2,500 USD for custom SEO copywriting

Payment plans available.

Ala Carte Services

We also offer ala carte services for those who need additional support:

  • Design Day Package
    Clients pay a flat rate for us to work on projects for them for one day.

  • Design Half-Day Package
    Same as above, but for half a day.

  • 1-Hour Consultation
    Custom consultation on any aspect of their business (marketing strategy, social media, printer recommendations, software support, etc.)

  • SEO Accelerator Package
    Blog writing aimed at improving a client's SEO. Prices vary by quantity.

Our aesthetic.

As a brand design studio, we take our aesthetic pretty seriously. Here are the hex codes for our brand colors, our brand fonts, and the photo and graphic elements that make up the SND aesthetic.

  • Primary Color (Burgundy): #44131d
  • Tertiary Color (Gray): #323232
  • Neutral Beige 01: #d6ad95
  • Neutral Beige 02: #eedcce
  • Neutral Beige 03: #f6e9df
  • Neutral Beige 04: #fbf1ea


Serif: Perfectly Nineties

Sans-Serif Heading: Montserrat

Body: Open Sans

Our audience.

Shaina Nacion Design Studio works with coaches, creatives, and small business owners who want to create a business that they're proud of and aligns with their life.

Basic Demographics:

  • Female or non-binary
  • Late 20s to late 30s
  • Creative, artistic, and a little scattered
  • Wants more organization, but gets super bored or overwhelmed by systems/software
  • Interested in psychology, mindfulness, Brene Brown, personality types, and probably self-identifies as spiritual
  • A-political or moderate

Primary Industries:

  • Photography
  • Design
  • Coaching (life, mental health, productivity, relationships, etc.)
  • Content Creation

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