The Aligned Rebrand Checklist

A guide for rebranding with intention and purpose.

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Maybe You're...

Thinking about rebranding but don’t know what your next step should be. Inspired to make a change and take your business to the next level.

We get you. It’s tough to prepare for such a big investment, and maybe you’re even thinking of putting the project on the back burner and DIYing the whole thing.

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It's tough

How do you rebrand your business intentionally without breaking the bank? 

This checklist is more than just a one-page list that may or may not help you. It’s fourteen pages of wisdom nuggets and aesthetically pleasing images that, might I add, are worth the download themselves. You’ll walk away with clarity and confidence to take the next step in your journey to rebrand your business.

This is for you if:

  • You’re sick of all the technical jargon and just want someone to tell you what it’s all about in plain English.
  • You just want to learn something, not get pitched to left and right.
  • You want to sign those high-ticket clients everyone is talking about but know you need to look the part first.
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We get it, and that’s why we're sharing this with you.

We're dedicated to every brand we create and work with, a little piece of our heart goes into every design we create. We want you to feel just as loved and attached to your own brand, so we created this checklist to help your rebrand in an aligned & authentic way.

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Shaina Nacion Designer CEO

Our Core Values


This isn’t some fluffy, elusive “resource”; it’s actionable steps that we want all business owners to use because we’re convinced they will benefit you.


We created this checklist because of a need we saw and wanted to fill, so if it feels like we’re talking to you personally, just know we did it on purpose *double thumbs-up*


This wasn’t a freebie created on a whim with two hours into the whole thing. No, this was weeks in the making so that instead of collecting digital dust, this will be a free resource you actually use.


We are going to give you everything you need to take the first few steps in the rebranding process all by yourself!

Here's the Low Down

Everything you're going to get:

Interactive Material

Printable sheets for you to braindump and get those creative juices flowing as you work through the checklist.

An Actual Checklist

Lists of all the areas you will need to consider and possibly rebrand so that you’re totally prepared and don’t leave anything out.

More Resources

All the details on what a rebrand really is and if it’s what your brand needs, with links to even more resources to help you to help make the right decision.


Reach your goals and have all the support you need to take the next step, no matter how weird it feels.

Are you ready to start your rebrand journey?