Your Guide to a Purposeful Sales Model

An interactive workbook to help you create more alignment and purpose in every part of your business.

Attract more of the clients you love with a simple and purposeful sales model.

Preview of Purposeful Sales Model workbook
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We've all heard that sales funnels are this magical thing that can somehow transform our businesses. But the problem is that most people do a bad job of explaining exactly how this magic works and how you can put it to work for your business right away!

This guide is focused on helping you build your own sales funnels around the services that you're actually passionate about. We talk terminology and technique, but more importantly we focus on how to align your offerings so you can meet your clients where they're at, and truly connect with them on a deeper level.

This 20-page electronic workbook contains the exact framework that we use to structure our service offerings, along with bonus content meant to help strengthen your own sales models.


"First off, THE BRANDING IS AMAZING . . . I love how you have made the whole process simple and natural, something that can be done easily, quickly, and without a lot of brain power."

Ella Deane
Digitella Co.
Preview of Purposeful Sales Model workbook


  • 20+ pages of step-by-step instructions for streamlining your sales model
  • Interactive text boxes so you can edit your workbook from any device
  • The exact 3-step alignment process that we use to build our own sales models here in the studio
  • BONUS: conversion rates worksheet to help measure how your sales model is performing
  • BONUS: more than 50 ready-to-use ideas for super-charging your sales funnels

Frequently Asked Questions


This workbook is build for any service-based business looking to strengthen and simplify their services and marketing to attract more of the clients they love! As long as you know who you're serving and why you're in business in the first place, this workbook is for you.

This workbook is meant to be used interactively, so it's built using Google Docs. If you're a fan of the pen-and-paper approach instead, you can always print out your copy and scribble to your heart's content! And if you don't have Google Docs, don't worry, we include a downloadable PDF copy for you to use as well!

By focusing on providing the most value and connection for your clients at every step of the way! This workbook is built to help you make sure your "why" is showing through every product, service, or social media post your business shares. We take a look at all your business has to offer and streamline it to ensure that you're focusing on the things that are providing value for your clients. That way you're all set to attract more of the clients who are searching for the value you have to provide.

Since this is a digital download, we do not offer refunds. But if there's any reason you're not satisfied with your purchase, send us an email and we can help walk you through the process to make sure you can put this workbook to use in your business.