The Story Behind Shaina Nacion Design

Who we are

Every brand story starts with the "why" behind the business. This is ours.

Why Does Shaina Nacion Design Exist?

We believe that everyone has a right to do work that inspires them. We believe passion should be celebrated, not punished or shamed.

We want to transform the way you feel about your business: from the monster that makes your tax life hell and your nights restless to the reason you're excited to wake up in the morning and become the CEO of your everyday. We want your business to feel like it's empowering you, not dragging you down.

Shaina Nacion Design stands for:


We hold our actions to high standards. We always aim to learn from and fix our mistakes. We respect and celebrate our own boundaries because a thriving business doesn’t chase the hustle - it schedules in rest.


We know we're imperfect, and we believe those imperfections are opportunities for greater connection with ourselves and with others. We aim to be true to ourselves, others, and the things we believe in.


We exist to serve others and show them they are seen and valued exactly as they are. We fall in love with every brand we create and every project we take on.


We champion the belief that your dreams and opinions are valuable, no matter what the rest of the world says; you always have the right to ask questions and to forge your own path.

Designer and business owner Shaina Nacion sitting with laptop

we're about more than just aesthetics

Our philosophy

At the heart of everything the studio does, there’s one core belief: that passion and purpose should be celebrated.

Each one of us, at some point, has felt embarrassed, ashamed, or “less than” when it comes to the things we’re passionate about. The world too often tells us we don’t have enough experience, skill, beauty, or brains. But we believe that if all you have is passion, dedication, and the courage to believe in yourself, you can do anything.

That’s why our services aren’t for everyone.

If you’re just running your business as a way to make money, this isn’t for you.

If you’re not in love with the idea of living a life and running a business with your purpose front and center, this isn’t the studio for you.

We work with small business owners who are creative, dreamy, and innovative. The ones who do what they love because they simply can’t stop.

At Shaina Nacion Design, we all are here because of passion and dedication. And that means you know that we’ll do everything we can to honor the love that you have for your brand: because we’re just like you, and we can’t stop either.

Are you ready to share your own "why"?