The Ethos brand is focused on providing a new and exciting experience for their clients. They offer fully-customized content creation, social media management, and social media strategy services that allow their clients to grow their businesses and strengthen their brands.

target audience

Target audience members for Ethos Creative Media Agency are independent entrepreneurs focused on innovation and quality products and services. They are passionate about their work and their lives as a whole, and want to pursue their dreams of making the world a better place through their business.

Initial Sketches

logos & submarks

The Ethos Creative Media Agency brand identity is one that highlights the spirit of adventure and exploration. It connects with its target audience through a personal touch and a deep foundation of quality.

Inspired by this, the Ethos logo lockup, logotype, logo mark, tagline, and sub-marks all embody a feeling of travel, inspiration, discovery, and a personal touch. The main typography has a clean and modern style while still hinting at a history and legacy with its subtle serifs. Along with this clean serif font, there are two sub-fonts: a simple, modern sans-serif to express a feeling of class and expansiveness; and a handwritten script font to give a sense of personality, quality, and the unique touch Ethos lends to every project.

The sub-marks allow for flexibility while still ensuring a consistent brand aesthetic from logotype to tagline to monogram and logo mark.

In this iteration of the brand logo mark, we're highlighting the organic beauty of the American Southwest and the grounding human element of Ethos' personality. Symbolizing endurance, timeless minimalism, and the clarifying essence of personal support, the sagebrush motif lends a more calm and natural feeling to the overall design.


The color palette is evocative of road trips, the American Southwest, and the infinite potential of new destinations. The warm rustic hues are offset by the clarity of light creams, off-whites, and even a light pink hue. Overall, the palette balances quality with inspiration and possibility.


Graphics and patterns for this brand design are all created to support photographic and text elements. Through these sample images, you can get a sense of how the brand functions in realistic spaces such as stationary and business cards. These are only mockups used to help you envision what the brand might look like in tangible forms.

As a way of enhancing the organic feeling of the brand, I've created a custom pattern inspired by topographical maps, while still being abstract enough not to distract from any foreground elements. It is designed to be used a low opacity so as to add a textural feeling to designs, rather than to be used as a main element in any design. I've included two pattern swatches (one on a light background and one on a dark background) to show examples of how it might be used.

The brand assets supplement the feeling of security, adventure, and clarity of the brand. They combine a modern touch with hints at an older legacy, giving a sense of movement through time to your target audience.

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