Ethos Creative Media Agency / Brand & Website Bundle


JaNae uses her own life experience and intuition to guide others through a journey of healing, transforming, and creating. She helps her clients remember the true essence of their being and unblocks limiting beliefs so they can step into their power and purpose. Together they will change their world from the inside out.

Target Audience

Target audience members for JaNae are those in the same circumstances she has worked through. Women of the NFL and NBA who feel as though their lives have taken a backseat to those of their partners. These women are searching for their identities, their power, and their purpose in a world that struggles to empathize with their feelings.

Logos & Submarks

The JaNae Hanks brand identity is one that encourages women to feel a sense of peace, happiness, connection, and power. It gives the viewer the sense that they can come as they are and receive help from a professional who understands their unique struggles.

Inspired by this, the logo lockup, logotype, logo mark, tagline, and sub-marks all embody a feeling of empathy and clarity. The main typography has a clean and modern style with a crisp and feminine power to it. Along with this sans serif font, there are two sub-fonts: a simple, modern sans-serif to express a feeling of accessibility; and a handwritten script font to give a sense of empathy and personality.

The sub-marks allow for flexibility while still ensuring a consistent brand aesthetic from logotype and tagline to monogram and logo mark.

The mark itself features elements of astrology, hinting at the symbols for both earth and water signs, while also inspiring a sense of peace through the use of the olive branch. This adds the organic touch that symbolizes connection and growth to its viewers.


The color palette features organic neutrals and soft feminine values to create a sense of peace and connection. A pop of deep green adds some excitement and a feeling of abundance to the brand.


Graphics and patterns for this brand design are all created to support photographic and text elements.Through these sample images, you can get a sense of how the brand functions in realistic spaces such as stationary and business cards. These are only mockups used to help you envision what the brand might look like in tangible forms.

The custom pattern features organic shapes and warm tones inspired by the fading of ocean tides on the sand. It can be used as a textural element on anything from custom wrapping paper to greeting cards and more. I've also included a mockup of the "Journey with JaNae" slogan to be featured on the website. The crisp modern typeface gives a feeling of space and feminine power.

Overall, the brand assets add to the feeling of peace and expansiveness, warmth and empathy. They combine crisp lines and geometry with organic hand drawn elements to encourage the audience to feel the care that JaNae has for her clients.