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Chanterelle Couture

Self-taught fashion designer Chanterelle Chantara inspires beauty not just with her design work, but with her presence and passion for art. I incorporated earth tones and calligraphic script lettering in her logo design, and complemented that style with the minimalist layout of her fashion catalog.

Her brand centers around appreciation for the natural beauty of women of all shapes. That appreciation also translates into her ethically-sourced materials and hand stitched embellishments.

View Chanterelle's website here.

Wahine Wrap

Incorporating elements of art deco, boho-beach aesthetic, and disco-chic; this was a challenging and fun design brief.

Wahine Wrap uses jersey fabric remnants left over from high fashion designs, and uses them to create fun and functional beach wear. Their products are all handmade and unique, made by a local designer in Koloa.  

View Wahine Wrap's website here.

Kat Drerup

Kat Drerup, a South Carolina realtor, specializes in working with first-time home buyers in the Charleston area. Her friendly and professional brand wasn't being served by her previous logo, so she hoped to evolve it into a design representative of the culture and style of the Charleston coast. 

Combining modern and vintage, beachy and minimalist, this fun logo package was one of my favorite to work on!

View Kat's Instagram here.

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