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Ala Carte Services

Custom solutions for your business.

Design & strategy for your goals

Running a business isn't always black & white.

We know not everyone needs a full brand identity package or a slick custom website. Sometimes you need something that doesn't fit the more "traditional" molds.

And if that sounds like you, we celebrate you, you out-of-the-box thinker!


"I had very specific ideas about what I wanted my products to look like, but I'm not tech-savvy at all.  [Shaina] transformed my ideas into exactly what I had in mind - no, scratch that, her design work was better than what I'd imagined."

— Domini Mellott,
Secret Harvest Hawaii

Professional Graphic Design without the Extended Timeline


Every business needs ala carte design work. Whether it's designing an ebook, updating product labels, building slide decks, or just creating on-brand social media templates, those small design tasks can start to add up.

We created this package for the business owner who is sick of long drawn out project timelines and back and forth emails. If you want to get all those small design projects off your plate in only one day, this is the package for you!

Think of this as a flat-rate design package. You can use your Design Day to work on any type of project our team can handle but you won't have to worry about confusing per-hour pricing or back-and-forth estimates and emails.

  1. Send us a prioritized list of the tasks and projects you want us to complete
  2. We'll create a custom strategy for accomplishing those goals
  3. We schedule your Design Day and live review sessions
  4. On the day, we get as much of your list done as possible and deliver your final files within 24-48 hours!

The Design Day package is a good fit for projects like:

  • Product & label designs
  • Social media templates
  • Small website updates
  • Slide deck design
  • Email marketing templates
  • Ebooks & digital downloads
  • Flyers, brochures, and mailers
  • Other small design tasks

The Design Day package is NOT a good fit for projects like:

  • Copywriting
  • Full brand identity designs
  • Entire website packages
  • Brand strategy

Our Design Day package includes 6 hours of work plus 3 rounds of revisions within 48 hours. But don't worry, you don't have to be there with us for all of the 6 hours. We schedule 2 live review sessions with you (one in the middle of the day and one at the end) so you can make sure we're on the right track and we can ask any clarifying questions before moving forward.

We also offer Half-Day packages if you don't need an entire 6 hours of design work.


$1,200 USD

Payment Plan Available


48 hours

Strategy & Consultation for small businesses


Brand strategy is all about refining the reputation of your brand. It’s about getting clear on the story you want to tell with your marketing, your graphics, and every other impression your business makes on its audience.

We at the studio believe that if you are clear on your story and you’re weaving that story throughout every part of your business, you can inspire and attract customers to work with you. And that means more confidence, clarity, and a more authentic brand.

The first step in defining your brand is to get clear on what we're working with. Our brand strategy package starts with a 2-hour meeting where we get into all the details of what your business is all about!

Then we start on the refinement process. Our team takes everything we've covered in your strategy meeting and condenses it into a 15-page PDF that outlines all the things that make your brand unique.

This PDF is meant to stay with you as your brand grows. That way, any time you're feeling lost or you need to train your team on what your brand represents, you have a complete guide to your brand's story.

Your brand strategy package includes:

  • 2 hour brand strategy workshop
  • 15-page custom brand strategy PDF
  • 3 rounds of revisions

$3,000 USD

Payment Plan Available


Approx. 1 week


“We all got goosebumps at your creation, and your ability to totally get us and our visions. WOW. If you have any doubt, you are absolutely doing what you were meant to do, Shaina! Thank you for sharing your talents with us.”

— Hannah,
Ethos Creative Media Agency

"Oh my goodness!! I LOVE YOU. Love the [blog] topics you sent me!"

— Desirea Hirani,
Bloom and Prosper Hawaii

Optimize your content for SEO


SEO is one of those things that everyone wants, but no one is really sure why.

With our SEO accelerator package, we use your blog to help boost your SEO so you're more likely to show up in search results and get more eyes on your website.

We use consistent blog writing to help you boost your SEO rankings and show up on Google. These aren't just pretty, fluffy, blog posts that no one reads; instead, these pieces of content are created with strategy, intention, and they sound just like you.

And don’t worry, this isn’t some secret formula we keep under lock and key. We’ll teach you the basics of SEO so that you’re never in the dark about how your content is helping you reach your business goals.

When it comes to things like SEO, we like to keep things simple:

  1.  We start with in-depth research on your business, target audience, and overall vision so that we can make sure your blog posts are relevant and authentic.

  2. We generate a list of blog post ideas that will resonate with your audience and answer your ideal client's questions.

  3. Once you've approved our list of topics, we dive in and write your blog articles, including an SEO Snapshot that explains how each article will improve your SEO.

  4. Finally, we share each article with you for review. We make any last minute changes, then teach you how to post your new content to your website and repurpose it for social media.


  • One optimized blog post (up to 1500 words)
  • One round of revisions
  • SEO research & topic list
  • Our guide to basic SEO
  • Instructions for publishing*




  • 12 optimized blog posts (up to 1500 words each)
  • One round of revisions
  • SEO research & topic list
  • Our guide to basic SEO
  • Instructions for publishing*




  • 24 optimized blog posts (up to 1500 words each)
  • One round of revisions
  • SEO research & topic list
  • Our guide to basic SEO
  • Instructions for publishing*



*For clients who have already purchased a website package with us, we include free publishing/scheduling of your blog posts as well.





More than just Logo Design


Want to talk about software? Marketing strategy? Website platforms? Book a one-hour consultation call to pick my brain about (almost) anything. 

If we don't have the expertise to help you, we can usually send you in the right direction.

Use our contact form at the bottom of this page to tell us a little bit about what you're struggling with. If we can help you, we'll schedule your consultation and send over the paperwork!

Our 1-hour consult call gives you the freedom to ask any questions you have.

g from “how do I pick a niche” to “what booking software should I use” and more! We’re not just passionate about making your brand and website look beautiful, we’re dedicated to helping you build a business that empowers your life.


$150 USD


Approx. 24 hours


“It’s amazing what a few good questions can do to create clarity . . . you are so inspiring in all you know! Thank you for this super valuable advice! You’re such an Earth Angel and Design Fairy Godmother!”

— Tiffany Tomkinson,
Center Point Photography

We're a Brand Design Agency for Coaches, Photographers, Designers, Consultants, Virtual Assistants, Content Creators, Personal Brands, Creatives.

Graphic Design for your Business

Cookie cutters belong in the kitchen. Our methods elevate businesses & tell stories

Our rebrand strategy is human-centric. Together we will discuss the who, what and why of your business to engineer the perfect online brand presence and help you build your legacy. 

We know the importance of the big picture - it’s time to say goodbye to half-assed DIY and let us handle your creative projects so you can look professional and grow your business. 

Spend more time doing what you love with less design work on your mind. 

Design Portfolio

Case Studies

We love telling our client's stories. Check out our case studies to learn more about some of our favorite projects.

Simply Sam

As an interior designer and home organizer, Simply Sam hired us to elevate their website and embody the unique style they bring to their work. We loved collaborating with Sam to build something that truly represented the vision she has for her business. Plus, who doesn't love working with gorgeous interior design photos!